1st Asset Management

Updating a site becomes necessary from time to time in order to stay ahead of the competition in any market. New and fresh content is as vital as a new layout or design and good presentation can distinguish a business, well before personal contact is even made. Starting with a cleaner layout and more sophisticated colour pallet, 1st Asset Management were able to stay ahead of the competition.

1st asset management imagesBy The People were able to shift focus and draw attention to key calls-to-action through a thorough re-design, enhanced colour scheme and stylised image treatment. Images were carefully selected to invoke emotional response by showing the lifestyle of a 1st Asset Management property investor.

A New Day, A CSS Layout

With a new CSS driven layout and by presenting more relevant information to the user at any given point, we were able to increase the value placed and therefore time spent on the site. The 1st Asset Management team carefully tailored the site content to offer tastey bits of information without giving their secret formula to property investment away.

Conversion and data capture has been a goal from day one for 1st Asset. Offering easier routes for site visitors to connect with the team, through smaller contact forms presented in the margin, allows visitors to get in touch more quickly for the all important face to face meeting.