Caroline Charles e-Commerce Site

Caroline Charles is undoubtedly one of the finest clothing designers in Europe and being popular since the 60s. Working with her and the team was a pleasure and enabled us to produce a refined site layout which flows smoothly through the browsing and buying process.

Entering the exciting world of e-commerce can seem like a large step to take in an industry which has historically invited people to try-before-you-buy since time began.

Selling fine clothing online has it’s own challenges. Goals for the project were easy to define and sometimes difficult to overcome. Throwing ideas around like ‘experience’ and ‘feel’ are normally secondary with most online shops. Caroline’s team gave us a great starting point and with an extremely comprehensive brief By The People were able to design and build a shopping experience to ’suite’ the Caroline Charles demographic.

Buying without Trying

Maybe the online shopping market has matured enough to even buy shoes and accessories without ever having seen or touched the items physically. If customers are prepared to simply return an item they don’t like or one that doesn’t fit, then no other barrier exists except that of slight inconvenience.

So shopping for clothes has become a no-obligation process and wholeheartedly embraced by the worlds leading fashion designers among which Caroline Charles has enjoyed a top position for the last 40 years.

Fashion Looking Good

e-Commerce sites tend to follow a very structured format. The effect of this has been positive in that the general population of online shoppers is familiar with certain layouts and concepts commonly used in e-Commerce sites. Making Caroline Charles’ site familiar, easy to use and special at the same time gives them an advantage and doesn’t hinder the buying process.

Clear prompts for the user to keep shopping or ‘Pay the Bill’ keeps the focus on a choice of two positive actions, buy more or order what you like. Bright professional photography maintains the brands fine-goods images and gives the visitors lovely high resolution images to entice them.

Mobile Internet will be Fine Thanks

As designers we have to worry less nowadays about image compression thanks to the miracles of broadband and mobile Internet. Even catering for mobile phones is becoming less of a concern as more and more devices begin to display web pages in as they were intended. Hopefully the luxuries of large clear imagery and abundant media downloads bestowed on the Caroline Charles site, draw a parallel to their wonderfully fine, luxurious clothing.