Choices Property Investments Site Design

Choices is one of the UK’s most prominent estate agency and property investment company. By The People produced an improved and consolidated user experience for Choices in a short amount of time. The companies site is divided into two core areas of business, residential sales & lettings and an area for property investors.

The Same (Design) but Better

Updating a design to make it easier for a visitor to use doesn’t always mean that we have to throw out the old and build something totally from scratch. By The People we able to significantly improve the user experience by simplifying the menu system, using consistent layouts and putting most commonly visited page links within the sites main navigation.

We provided a framework for the development team who managed to pull data into the site from many sources. Integrating news articles and property information alongside normal page content can be challenging, but the developers ended up with a site they can be proud of.

Consistently Designed Layouts

Providing consistency within a site is a key to success in guiding a user through a potentially enormous amount of page views per visit.By The People decided on a three column layout to bring sufficient content to the user at any one time, without overwhelming them to the point where they get distracted from finding what they were actually looking for.

Effective business online relies on maintaining the visitors attention and interest to the point where they either phone you, email you or buy online in the same visit. Using a three column layout allowed us to prioritise the content around the topic of each page within the site effectively creating a customised user-journey for each page.

The Flexible CMS

Deploying an easy to use content management system like Joomla can lead to a few formatting issues down the line especially when the admin team involved in updating the site is a large one. Catering for the flair which will creep into the data, our team managed to produce a comprehensive style sheet that ensures the data stay consistent and looks good.