Christ Church Mayfair CMS

Church is about life, not just the after-life but making the most of this physical life as well. Bringing that message to the site visitors visually was the main focus of the design for this project. Other objectives include ease of use and the ability to cater for the widest possible audience and their web browsers.

No Compass Required!

Navigating around a site always needs to be intuitive, even the link wording can make or break a user journey. For Christ Church Mayfair we kept the navigation shallow with the help of their team (and some incredible spider diagrams) we used three different menus to take the user on a journey through the life of the church.

Men, Women and Uni Students all got special treatment with themed templates and varied colour-schemes and imagery which appeals to each demographic without losing the message of ‘life’. Keeping the layout consistent through the site makes every page feel comfortable and familiar while banner images vary from page to page as each is loaded from the suitable category.

My Content, Managed

Content Management Systems (CMS) all have their strengths, but one is chosen on the back of the brief, the creative interpretation of that brief and the refinements that both we and the client agree would be in the best interest of the vistors as well as the admin team or staff who’ll be involved from day to day.

In the case of Christ Church Mayfair, the CMS needed to:

  1. allow more than one visual look from page to page
  2. handle multiple types of content, e.g. sermons, venues, articles, pdf’s, banner images etc.
  3. provide an area for site ‘members’ where specific PDF resources could be found

Clearly the ever popular WordPress wasn’t going to be the easiest choice and we eventually settled on Expression Engine after hearing great things from people around us who’d used it for similar projects. In our opinion, Expression Engine is the best CMS for a church site. It’s affordable and flexible and most importantly approachable from an admin-team point of view.

We’re always learning new things and trying to do things that we’ve not done before. Building a site for a church seems like an easy thing to do at first glance. We learned alot bout ourselves throughout this project. The ability for the admin team to re-order the entries as they are created is a clear example of how By The People worked hard to keep control of the content in the hands of the team.

Content Type A, into Slot B

Different types of content fit well into Christ Church Mayfair’s CMS, and that content can be layed-out in as many different ways you can imagine. Search for sermons and the ability to sort the search results with simple clicks helps the user stay in control of what they’re looking for.