ChurchWorks CMS Website

A challenging design really stretched our team to produce flexible templates which could deal with varied layouts and differing content from page to page. Expression Engine rose to meet the demands of this project pretty effortlessly. I count us lucky that we have a team which can move on a dime and make decisions without being precious about any work which may need ‘modifying’.

Every Piece of Content, Managed.

We’ve been using Expression engine prior to and all through it’s 2.x beta phase and have been impressed with it’s agility at every point. Learning as we go, the ChurchWorks project threw us more curve balls than ever before and EE ate them up!

Problem solving is part of any project. Once we’ve designed a site, it’s up to the front-end team to problem solve the layout and all the variations of it, and then it’s down to the developers to solve the proposed ‘workings’ of the site.

Our team place value on every stage because ultimately the client will be interacting with the CMS and the visitors with the site. Both need to be carefully considered and doing so ensures that visitors will return to the site and a client will return for further work or with new projects.

Simple and Clear Usability

User Experience is key and keeping a user interested and motivated to the point where they decide to sign up for a service like ChurchWorks is king. By The People consulted with ChurchWorks about how to best gain any sales conversions and provided avenues for site visitors to register their interest, sign up to newsletters and ultimately sign their church up as a ChurchWorks client.

Web 2.2

Gone are the days of a website being a brochure. Sure, we need to get our messages across and show off our products and tell the world what our clients think of us, but clients are pushing to integrate their sites with accounting software, catering for global currencies and even sideways integration with other CMS’s and systems they use.

We’re all bout helping clients communicate with their clients on a regular basis by publishing whatever type of content they want to and this is being done in new ways across multiple social networks.

Social Networks to the Rescue

Having a little corner of the web as your own is not enough. There are nearly 7 billion people on the planet and soon most of them will be shouting about something or other on the web. Using networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube have become a key to success online.

ChurchWorks decided to use the YouTube network to host and share it’s tutorial videos and Twitter and Facebook to interact with existing and potential clients. The strategy of making it easy for real people to ask their questions and get in touch is invaluable. Customer service is as pivotal as a good sales team and ChurchWorks knows this.