Logistically, running a large church can be difficult without ChurchWorks. This online application gives their clients the ability to run their church as well as any company. With contact details for every member alongside family details and info for individual follow up and even event based team scheduling abilities, ChurchWorks helps to keep any church organised.

By the People were able to step in and build a new site design and integrate a popular and well supported open-source content management system. We also trained the ChurchWorks team to the point where they can add, edit and upload new content and imagery. The design echoes the ChurchWorks mindset and is easy to navigate and serves to nudge the newcomer to sign up for a trial.

Alongside this, By The People were able to add a small below the line direct marketing flyer to the awareness campaign. By attending a few international conferences armed with relevant and concise information for new clients to take away and read, ChurchWorks have been able to establish a market in European countries including the UK, France, Denmark Norway and Germany, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and of course the USA.