Climb4Freedom Wordpress Blog

From time to time a call will come in at the last minute for an initiative like that of Climb4Freedom’s and being the people we are we can’t resist jumping in with every gun blazing! A bunch of girls will be climbing mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for another (extremely large) group of women who are trapped in slavery around the world.

WordPress to the Rescue

By The People were on hand to put a brand, style and CMS driven site together in record time to help Juliet and her team gain the credibility that’s needed in todays cause-aware world. We integrated live data from the incredible Just Giving donation site and using WordPress supplied the CLimb4Freedom team with what they need to tell the story of those women they exist to support. communicates the girls heart visually and gives a clear picture of what they’re physically doing to raise the funds and awareness needed to help end human trafficking. A blog for the team to use while on the mountain and in the run-up to their climb will be valuable before and after the event. They’ll also be blogging about human trafficking and the issues surrounding it so expect to be taken out of your comfort zones as you read it.

Pink for the girls!

From a design point of view, Climb4Freedom were clear on the style they were after. “Pink & Swirly”, or was it “Pink & Girly”? The idea was to make the site easy to relate to for women. Climbing a mountain is not for the feint of heart but their site wasn’t only about that. Climbing Kilimanjaro has helped the team draw attention to their real message, that of raising awareness for human trafficking.