Direct Traffic Media

Redesigning a site you’ve already designed is one of the more challenging parts of being a creative agency. DTM being the SEO and online marketing company they are, have always found new ways to expand their site(s) over the years and so keeping up with them as they stay ahead in their game makes for entertaining business development.

Innovations abound

We always try and do new things with new technology and finding new ways to display and lay out different types of content is a part of every project.

Wanting to demonstrate great SEO, DTM set the mark high for us and we spent a considerable amount of time problem solving and finding solutions for their objectives. Innovative ideas came out of objectives like having only a little amount of text on (most) of the pages, maintaining simple and clear URL structures regardless of how the content seemed to be paginated and different footer content when dealing with social networking vs search engine optimisation.

The home page leads with a statement for anyone who needs to know who they are and what they do and allows any of their articles (Blog, News etc) to be displayed as a feature on their home page allows DTM to draw attention to content which will win them business.

The focus is on content, DTM are giving away some free advice, inviting potential clients to get in touch and writing about the industry as they define it. Beyond the home page is where the layout starts to work harder to help visitors digest large amounts of info in bite size pieces. Our design team came up with a way of breaking up a single article and building a mini menu so that a visitor can quickly see and click on portions of it without being overwhelmed by words.

SEO for an SEO company

In terms of SEO, the design has zero negative effect as all of the content appears normally in the HTML.

Our team also came up with a way to build related keyword-only links automatically whenever articles or pages needed to be ‘related’ to eachother.

Making it easy for both clients and visitors are two of our consistent objectives. There’s no point building a site for one and not the other. Site owners want traffic and sales, and if visitors find the site hard to deal with they won’t come back. Similarly if a clients CMS is easy to use then they’ll come back to us with exciting additions later on.

What about Design

Elements of influence such as the art deco style and colours play towards the social message of Direct Traffic Media. Being serious about business is one thing, being approachable is the first step. Let the results of doing good business speak for themselves.

So we worked hard to make the media do the talking. Fewer words at once, large video, twitter feeds, testimonials and large bright graphics all form part of the layout at various stages of the visitors journey. I mentioned earlier that it’s always tricky to replace a design you’ve done in the past, but we like to get over our own egos very quickly.