Direct Traffic Media

Requiring a site that’s both informative to potential clients and a useful demonstration tool for your sales team can be challenging to map out. Direct Traffic Media came to us with clear objectives for the concise presentation of their key SEO information as well as a defined outline for the sites usefullness in the selling process.

Coming up with a strategy for the brand has been hugely enjoyable, working with the company from the beginning, we’ve helped develop their business name, which is a clear punn for web traffic, their logo and lastly, a new website.

The layout is clearly defined and serves relevant content to the viewer in easily digestible bites. Similarly the new colour scheme is far more inviting as it implies the trust and credibility needed for successful business communication. Simple design ideas like making the business phone number appear in large type on every page and incorporating relevant industry related news in the margin all help to show that the ‘doors-always-open’.

The ‘Be…’ Campaign

As part of the brand, By The People came up with a few one-liners which could captivate attention the way a great advertisement would, and be food for thought enough to gain a new client, or at least gain a face to face meeting.

Be Found, Be First, Be Seen : These messages have become the core of Direct Traffic Media’s communication campaign. They encapsulate the essence of what great Search Engine Optimisation could bring. As site owners, we want to BE all of them. We want visitors to find us, to be first in the search results and we want to be seen before our competition.

Our site design for Direct Traffic Media is light and has an open feel and together with the content, forms a strong partnership in presenting some useful information about SEO for free. We wanted to give DTM a site that grabbed any visitors attention and held it, one that was tactile in the way it interacts and easy to digest without complicated layout or navigation.

What about the logo?

By The People also worked on the DTM logo, helping to focus attention on their of their core skill, that of directing traffic. Giving more prominence to the red chevrons and reducing the colour count also serves to reinforce the ‘traffic’ parallel.