A new high street food store in Surbiton, foodie came to us with a strong business model and clear objectives, serving great coffee, great cakes and great sandwiches.

We agreed that their brand needed a bit of rounding-off and so came up with balanced colour pallet for both their store, artwork and eventual web site. Along with various of on-site promotional and point of sale pieces we helped them develope a modern style for the high street store which suited the owners personality and business plan.

In this business, point of sale promotions can make or break your bottom line, and by offering discount and loyalty cards, foodie managed to break into the hearts of local people as a coffee and food shop which is a cut above the rest.


Seeking the great opportunities for clever wordplay should be a healthy part of communicating around any product. Wanting to play of the words of the brand itself, we came up with a few fun and catchy one-liners to maintain consumers interest. foodielicious is a clear marriage of the words ‘food’ and ‘delicious’. Next to come is their website built around the term ‘eatfoodie’, a clear and subconcious statement telling consumers to do something about their hunger for great sandwiches and coffee, but ‘don’t just eat food, eat foodie’.