Exec Sys Website

As a successful Managed IT Solutions business moves forward it can quickly outgrow a 1st generation website. Exec Sys was in the process of re-branding and wanted By The People to update their website to reflect the change as well as take the opportunity to clearly communicate their updated business proposition in the marketplace.

A New Logo Does Not a Brand Make

With a new logo and visual identity in place alongside a clear marketing communications strategy, Exec Sys are poised for the next season of growth within their industry. If outsourcing your helpdesk is attractive to you then you’ll find the services Exec Sys provide are second to none. Data and email management services work well alongside helpdesk and other vital support services you as an SME may not be able to afford internally.

Dark Design

Moving to a dark look and feel became central to the brand and gave the new site design a technical theme. By The People built a simple, attractive and easy to navigate layout which allows visitors to dive as deep as they like into the technology on offer, all via a clear set of menus strategically placed around the template.

Exec Sys partner with many of the worlds leading technology brands and have built a succesfull model for outsourcing nearly every consievable IT requirement. We’ve made the most of communicating these partnerships clearly by using large logos and links to both infrastructure partners and Exec Sys clients.

By The People are working closely with the Exec Sys team to evolve their site over time, and as the needs and requirements change to suit a growing market, we’ll be implimenting some exciting additions. Live chat as a means of support and instant contact with potential clients may be incorporated in the medium term.