FAVA Rental Site Build

Renting professional video equipment is far more cost effective than buying the extremely expensive kit. FAVA needed a place to tell this story and put their products in front of their customers without wasting time on either end of the process.Offering broad range of products over many different categories can become complex if a site is built incorrectly. By using modern coding standards, By The People were able to build an efficient site template around the FAVA rental brand and sales catalogues. One of our objectives with any build is scalability. We ensure that templates are well planned and ready for expansion in any direction, even to the point of integrating a content managed system in the near future.

Simple and to the point

FAVA Rentals is designed to be simple and clutter-free, uses a muted colour palette and a simple navigation structure throughout around the site. Providing clients with all the clutter free information they need to ensure they request the correct products for hire.

Our XHTML / CSS build ensures future flexibility and allows for quick modifications of the design or layout without compromising the sites performance. Evolution to include online payment and customer login will allow the site to grow alongside the the FAVA Rental brand.