Media Intelligence Partners - CMS for PR

MIP are a market leader in their field of political consultancy and public relations and had very clear objectives for their new site. Wanting to do things better than the rest, MIP were very keen to stay well away from the status quo marketing speak PR websites and show off their ability to achieve results instead of just talking about it.

Global Influence

Media Intelligence Partners required a set of new features for their new site which would allow them to easily add video, audio, blog articles and other pages as needed without having to call their web design agency for help.

Media Intelligence Partners spend a fair amount of their time working with overseas governments to help with international strategy and political issues. You can imagine that getting their site ‘right’ from the beginning was very important as their potential clients would use their site to gauge their ability.

Web Design and CMS Design

Building a CMS that’s easy for a client to use is a major goal for us at By The People. We spend almost as long working that out so that clients have an easy time of adding to or editing their content.

Clean and simple was the order of the day and given MIP’s media centric industry we worked hard to give them a look and feel which could add credibility to their proposition. Subtle interlacing over their images and a clean, defined and consistent typographic layout help MIP to communicate their brand visually.

Recent developments in their printed material also influenced the design of their site. Colourful swooshes needed to be balanced without overpowering the layout or stealing too much attention.

If we can add to the focal points of a layout without distracting the visitor then we’ve won!

The flexibility which the Expression Engine CMS allows means that any future additional content-types can be easily catered for and MIP as a client can maximise their initial investment.