Mobile News Direct

Industry news about something that we as a society have grown to rely on as much as bread and milk is BIG NEWS! Mobile phones have become as huge a part of our daily lives as the internet and keeping up with the latest mobile features keeps us all connected and all in touch.

Direct Traffic Media came to use with a re-design project for one of their news sites. The previous design lacked cohesiveness and was obviously hindered by a function-over-form layout. We’ve found this is often the case when a sites functionality is completed by developers and published quickly with little consideration of design or layout.

Our template for the final site was inspired by a more traditional news medium, the newspaper. One of our primary goals for the design was to keep the feeling ‘light’ and by basing the colour scheme on white and a few shades of grey we were able to achieve this. Keep this association with traditional newspapers gives the content even more credibility and the impression of a well oiled, mobile news generating machine.

Surprise use of colours in the menu system is based on the corporate brand colours of the mobile phone companies themselves such as Vodafone, O2, google, Virgin and T-Mobile among others. Again, it’s purpose in this case is to reinforce those brands and therefor the news articles as well, however subtly.


Clear menus and an easy on the eye approach to layout mean that users of Mobile Marketing News will stay for longer. By The People were able to maximise the layout depending on which web browser a visitor was using, allowing the site to present differently for maximum impact.

The Story-Board so Far!

The ‘user journey’ or site story, even in a news site is critical to keeping a visitor interested for any period of time. By placing related articles and most popular articles in or around the current article, allows visitors to find other news that they may be interested and serves the dual purpose of keeping the page content different.