Model Pass Content Managed Website

Designing & building sites from scratch has become a staple for the team. We take pride in providing clients with a bespoke designs which suit their brands & key messages and then integrating the most suitable CMS we ultimately leave them with the power they need over their content. came to us with an ‘out of the box’ idea which will end up making a real difference to people’s enjoyment of the nightclub scene in London and soon, other major cities around the world… we couldn’t resist…

Loud like Rock n Roll

Designing a site for an audience who is used to the nightlife in a city like London is always going to be a challenge. Without wanting to fall into the trap of a typical designer, we pressed on without doubting ourselves to much and came up with a well balanced grid to support a lot of varied content.

Influence comes from the Rock-n-Roll nature of MySpace, a few popular record label sites and a recent pitch we designed for a Sony project. We chose a loud colour scheme and have brought a lot of varied content into view while maintaining a story within the design.

Visual storytelling is just as important for humans as code storytelling is for good ole Google!

What Does the Content Look Like?

Specifying the content is key with a project like this because all of those little bits of content need to find their fit within the layout AND look great AND not compromise the sites User Experience (UX). We spent a lot of time with the team from Model Pass explaining how the system worked, the logic behind content types and how best to break up their various messages into bite-size bits for visitors to digest.

As a matter of course we supply clients (early on) with mind maps of content types and what may be found on a given page. It’s often the case now, that bits of content e.g. client testimonials, can sit on a page where the main topic is for example, about an event AND if those testimonials are loaded randomly from a pool of 20, then all of a sudden our page A) has related content from elsewhere in the CMS and B) appears to search engines to be changing or regularly updated.

What About the (model) Pass?

Model Pass is really about well, a pass for models… The pass is a credit card sized plastic card, which allows models to get into clubs easily. The passes have an elegant black and white picture of you, the model on one side and your name and the name of the modeling agency your with… pretty bullet proof form of I.D.

Well Rounded Features features have grown and developed as we’ve all thought of new bits that would be ‘nice to have’. Staying flexible is important on a project like this and maintaining an overview of the data and design simultaneously has allowed us to move quickly when new features arrive.

The goal for any data is to only record an entry once. Using related entries within Expression Engine, we allow the ModelPass admin team to easily make changes once, and see them reflected site-wide.