Poulsen Robertson Jewellers

By The People recently had the privelage of working with one of South Africa’s premier merchants of hand made jewellery. Our brief was to build a new site to appeal to a changing market. Poulsen Robertson are well known throughout South Africa and have a great reputation with many loyal customers around the world.

In this business it’s most often the women who choose a piece and the men who pay for it. Hence, appealing to both is necessary but, with a large bias towards to the feminine. Poulsen Robertson’s previous design was based on black and had obvious drawbacks, including it’s ability to present photos well. We wanted to provide an experience as tactile as the jewellery iteslf!

Design & Layout

Our colour pallet settled on a muted set of grey’s and subtle gradients, with a couple of muted blues and greens in key places. Subtle patterns in the background add to the feel of gentle elegance. Giving the jewellery emphasis and room to speak a thousand words quickly became a goal for us. We divided the layout down the middle and allowed the photography to speak for itself by using a light box style gallery which gives the viewer a chance to browse through the images with as fewer clicks as possible. Pull quotes became useful for pulling some attention back to the copy on the left.

Enjoying a trade boom, Poulsen Robertson jewellers needed to maximise their impact with a site that could tell the same story as their exquisitely hand made jewellery. Carefully chosen header graphics formed part or a crafted design which we’re told has helped Poulsen Robertson into a new season as a business.