Stage Music e-Commerce Site

Stage Music UK specialise in selling professional instruments to the UKs top bands and musicians. Todays beginners are tomorrows pro’s and Stage Music do a great job of personally taking an interest in what every customer is doing and where they’re up to in their (future) career.

Coffee machines and a perpetual smile greet every high street store visitor and bringing that same attitude to the site encourages people to come back. Some examples of a clever marketing approach include crazy-low price promotions and no pressure to register a user account with the site by allowing people to checkout as a guest if they wish.

Feel the Design Beat

Design goals for the project centred around selling, clearly, but not just selling drums and guitars, but selling the experience of playing at a huge live show. Aiming at professional musicians meant that we had to shout louder than a crowd and try to give each visitor a taste of what a simple purchase from us may lead to.

e-Commerce and Point of Sale

This is the first time we’ve put an e-commerce site together that can be used as an in-store Point of Sale application as well. From the merchants point of view we’re able to meet two needs and allow instant, comprehensive reporting on the status of the business at any moment.

The Buying Process and Rock ‘n Roll (baby)!

Moving from a set of photoshop designs to a working set of templates can be tricky, especially if you don’t take the entire buying process into account and end up revisiting sketches and designs in the middle of a build!

This time around we tried a new technique by looking around at what was working well for other e-tailers and breaking elements we liked into stages. We took a ’softly softly catchee monkey’ approach by bringing certain information to the visitor at key stage of the buying process. These principles are common in the real world and largely overlooked with online merchants.


First up, we gave people a choice of avenues to any particular item by offering a ‘brands’ menu alongside the usual product categories. Both lead to the same place and more than one route for the customer is always advantageous.


Secondly, most young artists are price contious, so we recommended that Stage Music offered some of the most popular products, such as the Ernie Ball Slinky range of guitar strings at a ridiculously low price to simply attract attention. The experience of buying from Stage Music will soon reinforce any purchase from the store or online, but the we can’t take that first step without contact!

Impulse Purchase

Lastly the impulse purchase, something that you may not have thought about buying, but would work really well with the item which was just added to the shopping basket.

No professional instrument site is complete without Moon Gel, get yours today! (even if you ain’t a muso)