Stephanie Imbeau - Art Portfolio

Stephanie is a young American artist most known for her bold style and well thought out pieces. Creating a portfolio site for her has allowed her to strengthen her position and engage the European art crowd.

Our task of designing and building a portfolio was an opportunity for us to largely ignore the status quo. We came up with a way to let her artwork speak for itself and give the any visitor the chance to engage directly with Stephanie and her work.

The layout is based on a very simple grid, allowing the visitor to become familiar with the information very quickly and by using large bold headers as links we were able to create a fast, tactile and clear user journey.

Reach out and Touch

One of our primary objectives was to engage any visitor with a tactile experience without causing distraction. Using animation is great until it becomes about the animation. Set the animation speeds to fast and we end up with a stressful experience, to slow and we risk losing people’s attention and bored people leave websites!

Our team used jQuery as the basis for the site’s animation, thus ensuring we remained compatible with the various browsers and allowed the web’s little spiders to crawl through the carefully optimised content without hindrance.

Channel 4 Shelter

“Being suspended from reality” Stephanie brings us “Shelter” in the form of an installation outside the Channel 4 building in London. Using umbrellas from London’s Underground lost-property, Stephanie has managed to create a stunning example of everyday items recycled into a beautiful piece of art.