Temple Spa Christmas Packaging

With a wide range of consumer products built largely by a small team of people, Temple Spa found themselves without any established brand guidelines and inconsistent visual ‘looks’ and messages across their brand.

By The People were able to work alongside the Temple Spa team and make a small change to their logo as well as usher in a large scale consolidation of the way Temple Spa present their products. Aiming for a particular market, we produced sleeves for each boxed item using semi-transparent paper (which contained glass for extra sheen) and printed them with metallic inks. These wrapped around the new black boxes to give an instant impression of elegance and a subtle, tactile feel.

By refining the packaging colours to a simple palette of three, we were able to bring consistency to the display which gave Temple Spa a new unshakable stance as a basis for communicating to shoppers, sans words. Other use of well chosen materials and metallic inks maintains the physical allure well before any face mask or moisteriser is applied.

Other additions include a paper shopping bag, various inserts and tags to adorn the products and reinforce the Temple Spa message before customers even open the product.

Pampered at Christmas

The company has enjoyed seasonal sales which exceeded their forecasts throughout the United Kingdom, for Christmas 2008 by November! The packaging was a huge success and lead to numerous re-orders as stocks ran out in Harrods and Selfridges.

Christmas in retail is not unlike wrestling for customers! It’s your brand’s opportunity to shine and grab attention among a sea of competition. Temple Spa’s selling point is : Everyday products made with all natural, Mediterranean ingredients for your mind, body and soul.

Feels nice even before use

These products certainly are special and have a great feel, which is why we wanted the new packaging to be as tactile as possible, to start the customer on a journey even before the product is opened. To build excitement and mood and to reinforce the brand values by communicating the same messages which the products and brochures already do.