The Coral Tree e-Commerce Site

E-Commerce is becoming a necessity for any product based business. The team from The Coral Tree came to us with clear objectives and a good idea of what they wanted to achieve, communicate and sell. They also came with a budget for us to work within and so we tailored the project and solution to suite all of their requirements.

Keep it Simple Stupid Silly - KISS

It’s our responsibility to leave clients with a workable resource and when we shake hands at the end of a project, we expect not to get involved unless the site needs further design or development. For The Coral Tree we wanted to be on budget and produce a great shopping experience for visitors as well as leave the client with an easy to administer e-commerce system.

Their system handles the order process from start to finish and includes features like promotions, customer updates via email at every stage of order fulfilment. We used an on-site payment system so the visitor never leaves the Coral Tree site throughout the order process, which we’ve found, adds significantly to an e-commerce site’s credibility.

Designed and Handmade in Africa

Quality handmade items are becoming rare and Africa is still able to produce an exceptional level of quality which is unmatched because of its style.

By The People produced a design with an African feel and worked hard to keep the layout simple, light and above all easy to navigate through the buying process. Giving the client opportunity to show off close-ups of their products is a great workaround to the limitations of a typical online shop and gives visitors a clear idea of the quality of the goods before purchasing.

For the Greatest Good

The Coral Tree are supporting small entrepreneurial African business through the obvious purchase of products but also (perhaps more importantly) through the publishing of stories about the start-ups and people on the ground who actually put ‘hands to the plough’ and produce the items.

This strategy has proved very successful for the team and the company has gained significant momentum and support very quickly.

Online, not On The Line

Having a good real world marketing strategy which takes the benefits of an online business and tempers it with sound proven marketing plans has helped solidify their place in the market and meant that The Coral Tree has saved money which could’ve been wasted on Pay Per Click overspend.

The Coral Tree make traditional marketing techniques such as discount cards and craft markets work hard for them, having a site that allows them to make the most of those face to face encounters gives them a well rounded means to conversion of a browsing visitor to happy customers.