Ventia 2.0 with Expression Engine

Content management is the new black, or grey in Ventia’s case. Wanting to move from holding page which we previously built to a fully-fledged CMS based quickly became a priority for Ventia given their growth as a business. Wanting to give their clients easy access to their paperwork as well as special offers and reports has allowed Ventia to focus their attention on the people who matter, clients.

Old Static, New Dynamic

Having previously built the “holding page” (which never stays as simple as it sounds) we were determined to give Ventia control over all of the content contained in the site. For example they now have the ability to publish blog articles and new serviced office locations as quickly as they need to as their business grows.

Managing content needs to be straightforward and fast for every client. If Ventia’s team get annoyed then as a web solutions agency we lose!

Continued Growth and New Ideas

Already we’ve been able to add features to the Ventia site. Expression Engine is designed to be flexible. It’s less of a CMS and more like a framework to build a CMS within. Our team has become very familiar with it and it’s our first choice for every project.

Ventia also have a small ‘members only’ client area. The flexibility means that they can offer specific client related documents, receipts and special offers to individual clients as they’re needed for as long as needed.

As we’ve built Ventia’s brand related material, they’ve grown as a company and managed to keep things consistent. Brand consistency is important for any company but more so for one that’s growing fast!