Ventia Site & Marketing Material

A small ‘holding page’ which ended up functioning more like a micro-site after the vision and scope for the page grew, Ventia UK use the site to showcase their serviced office locations, virtual office system and they give a concise overview of their approach to making use of empty office space.

We are Ventia!

Given the times, call it the fourth quarter of a recession, Ventia UK are poised to grow as they help companies to make use of extra office space while helping those businesses stay the course through difficult season. Breaking ground by doing things differently in a hesitant market requires a range of tools to reinforce their messages and methods.

Our team produced various items including marketing packs and various pieces of sales collateral to help Ventia achieve their objectives and we did it differently. We used bold designs on folders that opened differently, with special inks and printing finishes like lamination and spot-UV. The marketing packs contain matte laminated sheets and help Ventia to communicate their competitive advantage quickly and consistently.

Get in Contact

A small website for the short term, quickly grew beyond a holding page but wanting to make the most of any visitor we designed a simple and interactive contact form to guide visitors towards getting in touch. Easy to use and approachable we implemented a contact form which emerges from the very top of the page, because contact with potential clients is vitally important and Ventia understand that reducing barriers to simple things like getting in touch is only the beginning of an important relationship with a client.

Other design innovations like expanding areas to show only smaller pieces of content help visitors digest the information at a pace they’re comfortable with.

Importantly, Ventia’s web site is immediately identifiable when viewed alongside their printed material and visa versa. Creating a consistent experience when dealing with a supplier only reinforces the brand-bond and helping Ventia achieve this has been a goal for us since the beginning.

Virtual Offices and Real Desk Space

Any small or growing business needs to take the step of ‘getting out of the house’ to avoid the baby crying or dog barking in the background while on the phone with a client and Ventia deliver! Providing serviced offices in deal-making areas of London and the UK assures anyone looking for the ‘right’ image in business, that Ventia have a good handle on their clients needs.

Recent integration of approachable interfaces for Ventia’s supplier of Virtual Office services including video screen-casts enables them to sell across the board to those who are just looking for someone to answer the phone and sort the post for their business.

Outside In : By the People

By the People handle Ventia’s ongoing marketing requirements through design and clever use of web technologies, a product which we call ‘Outside In’. We meet with Ventia’s marketing team on a regular basis and take the role of brand guardian ensuring that Ventia’s material is consistent throughout while still effective at reaching the various target markets from clients to Ventia’s tenants.