Virgin Music News Site

Today’s music news is tomorrows distant memory. By keeping current with the latest news Virgin have been able to keep their site rich with content and direct visitors to news and information about the music they love, very effectively.


Delivering relevant news about music is the first task, and by partnering with Direct Traffic Media, we’ve been able to design and build a fast-loading web standards driven news portal for Virgin Music. Incorporating features like user comments, related articles and article popularity into the design has enabled Virgin to give their audience a way of contributing to the articles.


Virgin as a brand is one of the ‘coolest’ in our opinion. The spirit in which the Virgin Records was started in 1972 lives through every aspect of the Virgin brand today. Even as various businesses within the Virgin group have been sold, they have somehow managed to keep within the Virgin brand despite being owned by other companies.

Having the opportunity to [even] work on a small site like this is a privilege and we wanted to do it justice as well as stick within the budget. Remembering that the brand enjoys both cult and executive status, we chose to stick with the theme, music.

By using photography from music events and some clever little design tricks, we were able to achieve a sense of depth while staying neat and ‘within the lines’ despite a few limitations within their actual news-engine. Those aside, the layout delivers neat and easy to read snippets of articles, clear navigation as well as a lead-in to read further, related articles or other visitors comments.

What’s in a name?

Even the name, Virgin Music Shout appeals to the non conformist / underground nature of the Virgin brand. Being one step ahead of the game and even makes them look as if what Virgin have to say about music, is worth SHOUTING from the hilltops.