Weybridge Physiotherapy CMS Site

Doing something better than everybody else will always help in differentiating any business. Weybridge Physiotherapy have aimed to share information at the heart of their industry. Informing people about their injuries with technical information can seem like a risky strategy, but these days, giving away something for free gives you a lot of credibility online.

Content, Managed.

Gone are the days of maintenance fees for the dark-art of updating a clients website. By The People would rather give the control back to you as a client. With Weybridge Physiotherapy we’ve done just that. This new site is built on an extremely robust Content Management System, which has easily flexed it’s muscles and accommodated the various ‘types of content’ Weybridge Physio has to share with the world.

Different by Design

Physiotherapy is largely hands-on and communicating that message visually was a priority with our design. Easy contact via a short form is always within easy reach and neatly reveals itself when needed. (’message us’ at the top right).

Live Google Maps help potential clients in getting to the practice and super-fast email newsletter sign up will help the business communicate with all of it’s clients on a regular basis, informing them of discounts and giving away that all important ‘free information’ helping existing clients make the most of their daily exercises!

Credibility is added by subtle display of associated logos and recognisable insurance company logos in the margin and footer.

Free Content, Free Knowledge

Site visitors expect information but giving that information away and maintaining a visitors interest to the point of them making contact and becoming a client is the key. Weybridge Physiotherapy achieve this effectively by describing the technical detail of a given injury or condition which serves in their favour because it helps potential clients to trust the teams diagnosis and treatment.

Fresh Old Content?

Search engines love new words, they eat them up. Keeping content fresh on any given page tells search engines that we’re updating our pages regularly and they love us for saying it. Our layout provides this by listing random customer testimonials on every page and also lists the most popular technical articles in a sort of footer.